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     Wow Cabinet is a small family business that specializes in providing homeowners, contractors, and businesses with high quality solid wood kitchen cabinetry at unbeatable prices. We are factory-direct which means we sell directly to the consumer from the manufacturer which eliminates the extra cost of a middle man and saves you money. Wow Cabinet carries a large range of kitchen cabinets like affordable kitchen cabinets, cheap kitchen cabinets, solid wood kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets, hand cut made to order kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets for apartments, luxurious kitchen cabinets and more. We work closely with trustworthy local kitchen cabinet manufacturers that usually have a lead time of 4 days to 3 weeks for the kitchen cabinets depending on your design. We offer free custom quote and free local in-home measurements to provide you with the most accurate estimate and design.


       Please note: our specialty is kitchen cabinetry and design. We do not cut granite or install cabinets. However, we happily recommend professionals in granite and installation that have worked on all of our projects with us for many years.


Thank you for supporting our small family business!

Please ask about our contractor discount. 

Why You Should Shop at WOW CABINET

for the Best Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey



Are you looking for the best kitchen cabinets in New Jersey? Wow Cabinet provides the best kitchen cabinets in NJ at competitive prices. We are a firm whose headquarter is in Perth Amboy, NJ. Our company specializes in durable, high-quality, solid wood kitchen cabinets at competitive pricing.


Most of our company's clients comprise contractors, homeowners, and small businesses. We focus on kitchen cabinets in Perth Amboy, Staten Island, Edison, Fords, Sewaren, South Amboy, and Carteret. We provide our customers the best kitchen cabinets that comprise long-lasting solid wood. Also, we partner with other renowned cabinet manufacturers including CNC Cabinetry, Pro Select Cabinets, Cubitac Cabinetry, FGM Cabinetry, Kitchen Factory, Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets, JWQ Kitchen Cabinets and TSG Kitchen Cabinets.


Customer Reviews


Wow Cabinet boasts of a loyal clientele that loves partnering with it in various projects including searching the best kitchen cabinets ideal for rental apartments, new house construction, and renovation projects.

We have a vast selection of kitchen cabinet styles and colors that you can find in our company's online catalog. They are well organized based on their color, price, and style. Also, there are over a hundred makes that you can select such as custom cabinets, cherry cabinets, dark espresso cabinets, modern cabinets, natural cabinets, oak cabinets, traditional cabinets and white kitchen cabinets.

For custom kitchen cabinets in Perth Amboy, Wow Cabinet closely works with Hanssem. It's a famous kitchen cabinetry firm that manually colors, cuts, finishes, sands, and styles a client's kitchen cabinet whenever they place an order.




Wow Cabinet sells its kitchen cabinets at affordable prices. We have a wholesale pricing system for their products. Every cabinet style profile contains a different rate. However, it's vital to receive your free consultation with us to get the precise measurements of a cabinet for you to get an accurate quote. We offer free consultations and in-home measurements to our customers.

Furthermore, you can contact our customer care, and our head designer will personally come to your home for a free in-home measurement. However, in the case that you need granite or installation of the cabinets, we are happy to provide trusted recommendations of qualified people who can meet your needs. Since Wow Cabinet doesn't install kitchen cabinets for its clients, we don't charge any installation fees.


Turnaround Time


A project's design and company dramatically influence its turnaround time. For instance, TSG Kitchen Cabinets would take about four days to build a standard cabinet while Hanssem takes several weeks to make custom kitchen cabinets.

Visit Wow Cabinet whenever you plan to shop for the best kitchen cabinets. We offer a variety of kitchen products with varying colors and sizes. Also, we sell quality products from other manufacturers such as TSG Kitchen Cabinets. You can visit our Perth Amboy office during ordinary working hours. Also, you can contact us via email.

     Wow Cabinet offers the best kitchen cabinets in New Jersey at wholesale pricing. Wow Cabinet specializes in solid wood kitchen cabinets that are high quality, durable and beautiful. Wow Cabinet is a family owned business located in Perth Amboy, NJ. Our clientele base is mostly homeowners, contractors, and other small business places. We specialize in kitchen cabinetry and vanities for the bathroom. Our kitchen cabinets are made of durable solid wood and will last a lifetime. We work closely with manufacturers like Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets, TSG Kitchen Cabinets, JWQ Kitchen Cabinets, and Hanssem Kitchen Cabinets. 

     Our loyal contractor customer base loves to work with us for projects like finding new kitchen cabinets for rental properties, home renovations, and new housing projects. Our large selection of kitchen cabinet colors and styles can be found on our online catalog here in the kitchen cabinets section. Kitchen cabinets in our catalog are organized by color, style, and price. We have hundreds of options to choose from. We carry modern kitchen cabinets, traditional kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets, oak kitchen cabinets, dark kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, natural kitchen cabinets, and custom kitchen cabinets. 

     For our custom kitchen cabinets we work closely with Hanssem. Hanssem is a prestigious kitchen cabinettry company which cuts, styles, sands, colors, and finishes your cabinetry by hand when you place your order. Everything is customto your design and we have hundreds of colors styles and options to choose from. 

     Prices at Wow Cabinet really are Wow. We have wholesale pricing on our kitchen cabinets and an example of the pricing is given on each cabinet style page for your information. Consultation and specific measurements are needed for an exact quote which is very possible here with our free local consultation and free in home measurement. For installation and granite we can certainly recommend the best people for your project but we do not offer installation services ourselves as our specialty is in designing the cabinets to the fit of your space and liking. 

     Turnaround time varies based on your design and the manufacturer chosen for the project. For example, turnaround time for TSG cabinetry is usually 4-5 business days whereas custom cut cabinetry from Hanssem can take weeks to custom make. Please call 732-826-2359 or e-mail us at for a consultation.



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