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Wow Cabinet offers a full range of postform countertops in an array of colors. Using a state-of-the-art production plant, we fulfill all customer needs. Our company produces both large and small quantity orders with quick turnaround at the most competitive prices.

PLUTO is a very durable plywood countertop, finished with a 90-degree front edge. This front edge is raised with an additional no drip bump to prevent water fall. A 3 3/4” backsplash extends above deck. Pluto adds the quality necessary for the most frequently used kitchens. Pluto is made with water-resistant plywood that will protect your countertop for a long time.


MERCURY is a rounded modern looking counter top with a 1/2” radius on the top and bottom of its front edge. A 3” seamless backsplash flows continuously to the top deck where it ends with a 90-degree radius. The neat look of this classic top compliments the appearance of relatively any kitchen.


CRESCENT is a high-quality profile countertop edged with a 90-degree radius on its front. The Crescent backsplash is raised 3 3/4” above deck and finished with a 90-degree radius. Crescent is one of the most popular post form countertop design installed in today’s economical homes.

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